I need 6 minutes of this not 6 seconds.

Whenever I feel sad I just remember that this is a thing that happened

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Scott Eaton’s statue in memory of Amy Winehouse has been unveiled in Camden, London. The life-size bronze sculpture features the singer’s signature beehive hair style and a live red rose. 

Winehouse died three years ago of alcohol poisoning aged 27. Today would have been her 31st birthday. Full story »

 Photo: Hannah Mckay/EPA

It’s gorgeous, happy birthday Amy <3

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seeing your friends after they went out and had fun and “forgot” to invite you


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Vampire Weekend discography (2008—2013) [insp]

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Payback is a bitch.

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Kya and Katara - First Waterbending Lesson” by Sasha Palacio

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 Jean Grey
We come into the world alone— and we leave the same way…the time we spend in-between…time spent alive, sharing, learning…together…is all that makes life worth living.

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